The Journey


Mustujab Kirmani aka 'MK' was born in Karachi, Pakistan on 6th September, 1982. He moved to Dubai and adopted it as his new home town. MK went on to join the best schools and colleges around the world but there was always something missing. He dreamed of becoming a pro-wrestler and often dabbled in the idea of letting loose his creativity but struggled to find the right medium that could do justice to his aspirations. MK's journey of self discovery led him to pursing his profession as an IT consultant and his thirst for personal development soon led him to establish his own IT consultancy firm. Musical expression was the last thing on MK's mind but all that was about to change.


It all started in College, when MK's friends encouraged him to participate in various theater plays. Soon, MK was acting in one play after another and he swiftly embraced his creative side in the process. MK's fate took him to United States, where he auditioned for various acting gigs despite the fact that he was up against a tough competition. The unlikelihood of making it big was just like any other challenge life had thrown at him in the past. As a child, when MK was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, doctors had not offered a bright outlook on life, but despite the odds, MK had went on to prove everyone wrong. MK did not give up on his dreams and got his break when he was hired by DCTV in Washington, DC. He acted in a few short films and comedy skits based on local DC programming.


The defining moment came when MK was exposed to a techno band during a casual hang out with friends. MK instantly knew that music was something that he wanted to do. He did not know how he would do it or even if he had the right skills. He initially wanted to join or even put together a band of like minded music enthusiasts, but when the plan didn’t fall into place, he decided to take the bold step of going solo. Many have discouraged MK from a career that seems fraught with challenges but he is determined to prove the critics wrong.


MK continues to run his IT business and is currently working to setup a Charity/Trust Foundation.




On 8th July, 2009, MK released his first single titled 'Nazuk' as a test project. 'Nazuk' was applauded for its uniqueness in musical style. 'Nazuk' was followed by two more singles, 'Tu' and 'Lufz'. The success and the buzz that these three singles generated was enough to prove that MK was not just a one hit wonder! MK himself created the sounds and lyrics for the three singles, which are all closely inspired by an American Band, 'Depeche Mode'. The songs have been done in Urdu and made possibly only through collaborations with people from the Pakistani Music Industry.


As MK rode on the success of 'Sun Lay Dil Janyia' (Debut Album), he also proved that he is an amazingly electrifying performer!


The Destination


MK does not come from a family of musicians, nor has he been musically trained. Instead, he turned these factors to his advantage by focusing on the raw talent and passion that resonates in his music, giving it its own unique crispy vibe. MK's music is courageous in challenges the conventions of the past. His music is free from the same old sounds found in commercial music. This is pure passion!


In less than 4 years MK wants to become the biggest superstar of Pakistan. His vibrant and humble personality has struck a cord with the youth of South Asia on a very personal level. Despite the spotlights and the stardom, MK continues to live a simple life. Along with his powerful vocals and soulful renditions, MK is known for his sarcastic sense of humor and for his ability to spread positive energy all around him.